Favorite Design and Urbanism Blog Posts for Week of Oct. 22

HDR considers design in business. A practitioner's POV on research. Perkins+Will farms a rooftop. Pinteresting preservation ideas. 

Design as a business. Chad Narburgh blogs on how at any truly innovative company you will find that design is at its core and is used to drive business.

“Design as a business” places managers on the opposite side of designers, partially due to the fact that managers are typecast as profit-driven pragmatists while designers are stereotypically seen as time-hungry idealists. I noticed that the stereotypes tend to come out when a project reaches critical mass, by either going over budget or not meeting the client’s design expectations. – Chad Narburgh

Via Blink – Perspectives on Design Blog

Research in today’s world. Deepika Padam an architect in San Francisco, blogs on what she learned about the role of research in today’s world of excessive information at the AIA Research Summit this past summer.

Padam said the experience was unique because research is not spoken in the same vocabulary or at the same level at her practice as was done at the summit. She learned that academicians and practitioners see research with very different perspectives: academic and applied research.

Via Metropolis Magazine POV Blog

Urban agriculture. Gisela Garrett blogs on how the Perkins + Will New York office set up gardening and maintenance for a rooftop farm in Queens, which included tidying up the chickens’ coop and yard.

The environmental impact of rooftop farming in urban areas is extremely positive, with contributions ranging from stormwater management to decreasing the demand on buildings’ HVAC systems. A recent study says that New York City has vast potential for urban agriculture as it “can play a critical role as productive green urban infrastructure.”

Via Perkins + Will Blog

Pinterest for preservation. For those preservationists who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, Sarah Heffern of the National Trust for Historic Preservation provides 10 tips on how to use Pinterest for historic places and beyond.

Some of the tips for preservationists include cross-promoting other service on your Pinterest page, using the search function and expanding your online store.

Via National Trust for Historic Preservation Blog

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