Favorite Design and Urbanism Blog Posts from Week of January 7, 2012


Architecture and mountain climbing. Designing Emergency Departments. You want to be an architect? Philly's Divine Lorraine.


Climbing mountains. Roger Stewart, director of global development at HDR Architecture, blogs about mountain climbing, comparing it with tackling the obstacles in life.

Metaphorically speaking, we all have mountains to climb. It could be delivering a very tough project, raising our design reputation, or winning a critical project. All of these great accomplishments are earned as a result of persistence, discipline, teamwork, being personally accountable, and daring to imagine possibilities.  – Roger Stewart

Via Blink Perspectives


Emergency department design. Thomas Hammer, a senior project manager at Luckett & Farley, blogs about the importance of emergency department design of a hospital amid the growing needs of the baby boomer generation and healthcare reform.

Hammer says that healthcare architecture that incorporates evidenced based design will create safe and therapeutic environments for patients and enhance family participation.

Via Luckett-Farley blog


You want to be an architect? Bob Borson provides insightful information on what architecture students and interns can expect if they want to be an architect.

Borson discusses topics such as college, design studios, what makes you a designer, drawing like an architect, salary, tools and internships.

Via Life of an Architect


A look at Philly landmarks. Amy Magida, landscape architect at OLIN Studio, examines the history and future of two iconic structures in Philadelphia.

Magida explores Divine Lorraine, which was originally designed in the 1890s to house Philadelphia’s affluent members of high society, and the Metropolitan Opera House, built by Oscar Hammerstein in 1908 which was the largest in the world at the time.

Via OLIN Studio blog