Favorite Design and Urbanism Blog Posts for Week of Dec. 24, 2012


Critical analysis of snow forts. BUILD blog takes a look at the architecture of 10 snow forts made by various children.

The forts were critically analyzed and given grades ranging from A to D. Out of these 10 forts, there was one which received an A grade. This fort was a “refreshing example of utilitarian geometry, the form is everything it needs to be and nothing more. The roof loads are resolved clearly and rationally to the fort’s massive walls and foundation. Using Passive House technology, the thickened walls provide generous insulation value while openings at the envelope allow greater amounts of heat to be retained.”

Via BUILD blog

Construction at sea. After buying a boat and assembling a sailing team, Jack Pringle, Managing Director of Perkins+Will's London office, learned from the initial bumpy ride on the high seas that teamwork and communication are the keys to any successful operation.

If you set ambitious, attractive goals and give top class support, you will attract the very best people to your team and it’s the quality of people you have that counts. Then you have to make the best of what you have, so loyalty and training are important. Everyone needs to know what’s happening, where you are going and what their job is in the business. And knowing that your colleagues are relying on you just makes you up your game. – Jack Pringle

Via Perkins + Will blog

Urbanism in the Bay Area. Landscape Urbanism interviews Trace SF: Bay Area Urbanism, an independent forum for a diverse community of contributors interested in the Bay Area urban environment, on San Francisco’s urban scene and the broader need for communication and dialogue about the future of cities.

The goal of TraceSF is really to broaden the conversation about design in the city, so that the conversation isn’t dominated by “dependent” channels subject to the biases of their sponsors. – John Parman, editor Trace SF

Via Landscape Urbanism


Creativity during the holidays. Kim Sosalla, sustainable design project manager at HDR Architecture, blogs about using creativity to connecting with people during the holidays.

Sosalla’s creativity ranged from putting up outdoor Christmas lights, which were switched to LED to save energy, creating a family holiday card and making homemade gifts for the children’s teachers.

Via Blink Perspectives