Thought Leadership Communications

In professional services, people hire people they know and trust. Walter Communications believes that the best way to position your firm as knowledgeable and trustworthy, is demonstrate your expertise by making your ideas and perspectives accessible.

We help landscape, architecture and planning firms create a thought leadership program to showcase their brightest minds as a part of the firm’s brand. We help you identify the right individuals, based on their skills and subject-matter expertise, who can collectively represent the quality of thinking and leadership embodied in your firm’s brand. We work with individual thought leaders to develop an advocacy strategy and continually hone this approach as we shape the future they imagine.

As a result of our targeted PR, social media, public speaking and other efforts, the firm and its thought leaders are positioned at the forefront of the issue.

Communicatons Strategy

When you are consumed with daily deadlines, sometimes the big picture is hard to see.

Walter Communications helps landscape, architecture and planning firms gain perspective and achieve results by making the most of what is unique about your firm and aligning the pieces of your communications program – including your existing channels and perhaps a few new ones – directly with your firm’s ambitions. These services may include an assessment of your reputation with staff and clients, an audit of your existing messaging and effectiveness of your existing communications vehicles. We then develop new messaging based on our findings.

Public and Media Relations

Our campaigns deliver the right messages to targeted eyes and ears.

We provide the fresh perspective to articulate your ideas and raise the profile of your objective. From marketing new practices to speaking engagements, blogs to cocktail parties, structured debates to social media strategies, our public relations solutions provide the right forum for the intended experience.